Early McLaren Crane in Liverpool

Two pictures of an very early crane engine, McLaren 232 which was built in 1884 as a 12 horse engine with duplex cylinders. This would have been one of the very earliest crane engines developed by any manufacturer in the UK:

The engine spent it's entire working life with its original owners, James Gilmore & Sons Ltd who were haulage contractors of Studholme Street, Liverpool. Very close to the docks and Bank Hall railway station.

The engine seemed to be well know to early preservationists and I have seen a number of photographs of it taken in their works yard looking quite bedraggled  and never in steam although it obviously was steamed right up until the end of it's life as a yard engine. The side profile shows so rather large patches and second-rate repair work to the outer shell of the boiler. 232 was finally cut up for scrap in 1952 after giving nearly 70 years service to the firm.



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07/04/2016 - 07:54 #

This was old ages when the cranes was start building...
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Ken Gerrard
26/01/2017 - 19:04 #

Alright Dave I worked for Gilmores so did me dad and grandad. I was in the fitting shop, a man called Dick Keogh he was a wheelwright by trade. He drove the crane for them for a while

12/06/2018 - 08:13 #

he engine spent it's entire working life with its original owners, James Gilmore & Sons Ltd who were haulage contractors of Studholme Street, Liverpool. Very close to the docks and Bank Hall railway station.
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