Fowler 11029 “South Crofty”

I recently came across this photograph on eBay which I immediately recognised as Fowler 11029:

Fowler 11029, South Crofty

11029 was a Fowler A4 7NHP from about 1907, a small road locomotive which I have also seen it described as an Estate engine and had spent it's working life in Cornwall being given the Cornish registration AF 3541. The engine was owned by Craddocks Saw Mill a St Germans and sold by them in about 1950 whereupon it spent a very short period in preservation The engine was owned in Cornwall by South Crofty Mine, Camborne and attended a very small number of the early West of England rallies, including the one held in 1956.

The story goes that unfortunately at some point during this time it developed problems with the injector and as was the way in those early preservation days the engine was decided uneconomical to repair and cut up on Hayle Harbour, near where this picture was taken. Thus assigning it to a very small group of engines who attended an early steam engine rally but were subsequently scrapped.

Here is another picture of the engine taken from the 2012 Boconnoc rally programme, the picture belongs to Andrew Williams:



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Thanks for posting this super film. The cagmeitonraphy creates a haunting atmosphere as the train literally moves from the present era (1974) into the past as it travels further into the countryside and into the night. In the closing scene, the engine driver is briefly shown to be younger as well no grey hair as he had at the start. The vintage cars, World War II diggers and 40 s era clothing all indicate this time shift. Great way to? have brekkie by the way make it on your coal scoop!

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hello I have been told that the chimney top off the fowler is on my engine marshall 69303 titan that I bought at a dingles sale in 2008 a man I was speaking to at the sale was called micheal leath ? he and a chap called monty pearce bought titan in jan of 1960 out of the south crofty mine where it had been driving a stone crusher then a while after they were offerd the fowler when time was made to go and look the scrap men were making the final cut across the back wheel so he asked for the chimney top and fitted it to titan where it still remains but he did say that there was not much wrong with it thanks Gordon smith

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