Victorian Aveling in East Grinstead

Photograph of a large Victorian Aveling & Porter road roller photographed in the centre of East Grinstead, Sussex:

Aveling & Porter Road Roller

The engine is a single cylinder machine with the bobbin style steering which the firm used on their engines up until the 1890's. A big engine as they tended to be in those days, at least 15 tons I would have said from the size of the engine relative to the men.

The engine is photographed outside the confectioners and tobacconist shop of Mrs Ellen Simmonds, 168 London Road, East Grinstead in 1905. The buildings in the photograph have now been demolished and replaced with the Jehovah Witness's Kingdom Hall.



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The engine is a single cylinder machine with the bobbin style steering which the firm used on their engines up until the 1890's. A big engine as they tended to be in those days, at least 15 tons I would have said from the size of the engine relative to the men.
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