Wooler Bridge Showmans Engine Accident

Photograph showing accident involving Wilson Bros Fowler 10328 "Dawn of the Century" and Switchback load on Wooler Bridge, Northumberland 18 June 1908. The engine is very precariously positioned, another 6 inches further forward and the whole train would have toppled over and ended up in the River Till with much more serious consequences.

Fowler Showmans Road Locomotive 10328, Dawn on the Century

Fowler 10328 was a B6 class showmans engine built in 1905 for John & William Wilson who were a Scottish amusement caterer. The engine was later rebuilt and sold on to another Scottish showman, Henry Irvin, gaining the name "One of the Best". Whilst with Irvin the engine traveled with his Whale Scenic ride alongside an ex War Department Fowler 14114, "The Tiger".

10328 was one of very few Fowlers to carry an exciter dynamo on the offside belly tank. Later the engine travelled their Skid ride and was scrapped whilst in Henry Irvin's ownership.



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