Engines Built by Burrell

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Num Type Name Reg Built Class NHP Cyl Status  
3746 General Purpose Engine Charlie B MA 5733 1917 6 NHP C Preserved There is a Picture of this Engine on Steam Scenes
3755 Road Locomotive Westward Ho! AF 3967 1917 6 NHP SCC Preserved
3763 General Purpose Engine The Model 1917 D 5 NHP SCC Preserved
3767 General Purpose Engine 1917 7 NHP S Preserved
3771 General Purpose Engine Invincible MI 1207 1917 D 5 NHP SCC Preserved
3772 General Purpose Engine 1917 6 NHP C Preserved
3774 General Purpose Engine Queen of Herts 1917 D 5 NHP SCC Preserved
3777 General Purpose Engine Queen Mary Y 9922 1917 D 5 NHP C Preserved

Please Note: All UK preserved engines are listed. At present overseas engines and scrapped engines do not represent a complete listing. Engines are listed as their present type, not the form they were built. You can filter engines by the type in which they were built using the right hand menu.